ThinkReliability focuses on problems and processes. As consultants, we lead and document complete investigations of specific client issues. In our Cause Mapping¬†–¬†root cause analysis¬†workshops, we teach individuals how to thoroughly investigate and prevent everything from day-to-day recurring problems to catastrophic events. Our consultants and instructors all have strong technical backgrounds with extensive practical experience from the field.We provide fundamental skills that simplify the concepts of root cause analysis, incident investigation and problem solving. We improve the way people communicate details of what they know to discover better solutions. High reliability requires a basic understanding of problems and processes and involves both management and the people who perform the work. We start with whatever fits the client’s specific needs. That may be one problem, one group, one site or even a complete strategy to establish a reliability culture across the organization.

The Cause Mapping method is an extremely effective systems-thinking approach to root cause analysis that improves the way people collect and organize information. It miminizes terminology and buzzwords by focusing on basic principles. Clear communication is required for solving problems effectively. The Cause Mapping method teaches individuals how to documenting information with pen and paper, using dry-erase boards, on chart paper or electronically in Microsoft Excel. The Cause Mapping method is used in a variety of industries by front line employees and management to prevent problems and improve results.

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